Clown, Bernardo Barbi (3D)


Title: Clown
Name: Bernardo Barbi
Country: Brazil
Software: CINEMA 4D


This work was inspired in old circus poster.

Modeling: Cinema 4D and Zbrush
Redering: Cinema 4D

Hope you like it .



I admit he looks more like a doll than a real human, especially around the neck, but still, it’s very well done. :thumbsup:


great comic illustration with nice emotion. I like it.


Nice work! I like the hat, the textures ,the mood , everything… realy nice!


Great Work! :thumbsup:


Nice barbi! as always!!
the tear fading the make up is great!


Beautiful render. The tear and the running make-up really make this piece.

Superb work.


Nice use of your old man model, the tear smearing the make up really sells this one.well done.


Clowns totally freak me out, but I have to give it up for you here, great work there.


great render - clowns scare the shite out of me, but you’ve done a great jorb here…

and clown dolls scare me even more. of course, i scare easy.


Damn…You have to show me how you do that. I love super realistic work. It’s so believable and fantastic. How do you do that!:eek:


Fantastic work on another fine scary clown - very expressive.
But please, tell me - how on earth did you get the sequin look to his hat??? Ive tried to do that a few times in the past but failed miserably!

Top notch work!


wow, looks very good!
the light, textures and everything! :thumbsup:


The clown smiles :), does not spill tears :(, is a contradiction, good work !!


nice work. a bit exasperate the bump map. great the hat.





I like the tear on the eyelid…truly realistic
excellent texturing/shading job…
nothing else to say:thumbsup:


Barbi, Great Work! :thumbsup:
Fantastic colors textures and expressive composition!!!
realy nice!



Very nice old clown!!!
Great texture, great lighting and great facial expression!

Great work! Congratulations!!!


Hey Bernardo! this is Carlos Agell from C4DPortal!

great and inspiring piece as usual, love the mood and the colors, the texture of the hat and the costume is great, so bright and complex ( did u use SPD?) as said before the tear fading the make up is superb. i always have thought that being a clown is a complex and terrible job, being sad in the inside and needing to be bright and happy in the outside, i think this image is about that.

another aplause my friend :applause:


Carlos - Curaremac