Cloudy sky shader


are any of You familiar with sky shader which creates good quality sky with clouds? Terragen and Vue have good quality cloudy skies but I don’t need such huge piece of soft.


Have a look at the Visor in examples.

For stills, nothing will beat a photograph.


I know but I’d like to create timelapse effect (which could be shot on DSLR any way).


There are no sky shaders which will compete with reality. Vue and Terragen are pretty good, but there’s nothing in either application you can’t do with Maya already too, and render much faster on top of that.

Fluid skies can be amazing though and easy to use. There’s a few Youtube tutorials on the topic, give them a search?

Here’s some links
Time lapse clouds Maya

General How to Create Clouds in Maya using Fluids (this is the one I was referring to earlier)


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