Cloud City, Jasso (3D)


this is a matte painting ispired by other mattes I have seen, all the buildings are 3d and some of the stones are 3d too , it is rendered whit some basic textures in 3ds max, whit brazil and GI, then all is composited in photoshop where I added a lot of detail to every layer and some other elements are hand painted all in photoshop, the fisrt image is the sketch I did , in photoshop too , to get the final look I search the internet always for real photo reference and I added a little bit of my artistic and personal touch too



Wow!:… that is really really really …really really impressive… only thing that bugs, me that the mountains in the background looks kinda wierd… whereas the rest, looks absolutely stunning! :slight_smile:


Great work man. The contrast in the image works very well and there is a lovely sense of depth with the colours fading to blue. Texturing is also very good. Crits? The gleam coming off the buildings could be dialled down a touch. But that’s really not much of a problem.
Nice one :thumbsup:


the sketch is great and the way you integrated 3d with 2d amazes me…great work james.


front page stuff

i love the glow and the texturing


This looks cool… I want to be able to do this… only thing i am halfway good at is making 3d scene indoors… I tryed an outdoor scene once and it want even as good as an indoor scene… but this looks great… nice work…

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[B]front page stuff

i love the glow and the texturing [/B]

also I agree wit him


i love it, but compare with your reference, the mountain is abit pointy looking. besides that, i’ll give you 5 stars


hey guys thanks for your comments I think you’re right about those background mountains I will change the shape of the mountains for a different one, trying to make them look more like my sketch and much more less pointy I will post the corrected mountains in a few hours thanks guy


:thumbsup: I really like this. The larger pic improves on everything in the smaller. I’m trying really hard to find something to give you crit on, but I can’t find anything I’d want to change. Keep up the great work man!

[](I NEED A MEDIC (and some feedback please…))


ooo thats some awesome work there! :smiley: i like it alot :slight_smile:

… nothing to crit


Great, how are the clouds made? or are they 2d?

The background mountains don’t seem to fit in, perhaps add some volumetric shafts of light to mask them a bit, like in the painting


Great work Jasso… I also think that due of erosion the mountains could be less pointy…

:bowdown: Master :bowdown:


Very well done work. My vote! :thumbsup:


hey guys here I am again I just finished doing the changes to the background mountains , to me it looks much better and the sense of real height is shown better check it out
thanks for you comments again


Those Mountains were great all pointy the way they were.
It struck me as a scene on a low gravity planet. I think it gives the scene a much more fantastic feel, as if there’s a whole world of different, unknown things in the distance. The scene with plausible mountains brings everything down to a somewhat boring plane of reality…
I like the escape you had in the first version.


great! can’t say anymore then great job…!!like the rocks texture and the clouds
how many light did u use?


Simply phenomenal. The only suggestion is to add color. Earth tones are always the easy uncreative way out


I think the last one is better, the mountains in the first pic were too sharpen.
I wonder why isn’t this plugged yet, it sure deserves it…:surprised


It’s great, but I have to agree with numlock: the original contained more colour (the ref) which makes the picture a little more mystical.

overall good work.


Very nice work Mr. Jasso.
I really like the mountains on the second version better, though the first ones did seem to belong to a planet with somewhat different physics, the second ones blend better with the rest of te image.

Its weird that you are not on the first page of the site… mhh… I hope CGtalk moderators are paying good attention to the posts.


This is great.