ClothFX - weightmap problem


I’m very disappointed that I can’t control fix amount, by using weight maps in LW 8. Please tell me I’m missing something here.

[font=Arial]Here is a small example of what I need. The weightmap in the following image is suppose to control the stiffness of the geometry strip, when I use it under the “fix” box. When I hit “calculate”, ClothFX affects the cloth either 100%, or 0%. I want a gradient stiffness as per weightmap applied under the “fix” property. How the hell do I go about that! [/font]


I guess thats the way it is. Fix is just on and off :sad:
I usually create my own kind of a gradient with different point sets with different settings of spring,…etc. Its very time consuming and still difficult to get good results.
Wheightmaps would be cool for animating hair too.


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