Cloth... Yet Again


Hey, I am have some really early problems with cloth…

I just tried to apply a simply bump map and I am getting a weird effect that I can’t quite understand…

I would have thought it could have been resolution, but I bumped it up to obscene values and still got the same… perhaps it was my unwrapping(which I do admit isn’t the best on it) or the fact that the pattern is too small and is repeating to often? Not sure, if anyone could offer some advice…

I am trying to go for something like this: Warcraft Image and while I do realize there is probably a hundred different things going on here that I dont’ understand, I still wouldn’t mind trying to achieve the same sort of effect.


Yup, I’d have to say that it does indeed look like a UV mapping problem.

Can you post an image of your UV map? Also, post a screenshot of your model with the wireframe showing.

We’ll fix this up :smiley:


Are you talking about the moiré-effect?

I think you need to make the patern - not the bump value - and the render-resolution bigger.


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