Cloth Tutorial


Hello all,
Was just wondering, but does anyone know of some website tutorials or how to paint cloths like the old masters do. Or just how to paint like the old masters in general? Digital or Real paint tutorials, doesnt matter.


one i use a lot is a little book called Drawing The Draped Figure (by George Bridgman) you can pick it up for like 4.95 or something and it’s extremely useful. It also transfers quite well into modeling…



Another good one is “Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery” by Burne Hogarth. It’s a little dryly written, and the drawings aren’t incredibly exciting (although they are very well done), but it is very thorough.


Thx guys, I’ll be sure to buy both of them! I have to improve drastically, and i’m sure these will help! THX!


This might help:



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