Cloth, Seams, Geometry


I find MAX’s Garment Maker extremely difficult to use; it’s very counter-intuitive (it probably doesn’t help that MAX’s help files leave out a lot of critical details when it comes to application of Garment Maker), and I can never get the sizing right because I can’t see the actual shape the final product will be on the character until after all of the pieces have been laid out. It’s all shot-in-the-dark trial and error.
I prefer to make Cloth objects out of regular geometry so that I know what I’m going to get without all of that guesswork.

One unfortunate side effect of this, however, is that I seem quite unable to make seams. But those are fairly necessary in some cases.
So…what can I do? Is there any way that I haven’t found to tell the Cloth modifier that certain edges should behave as seams?

I’m on MAX 2013; it’s what I have.


What behavior are you looking for, exactly?

You could try making a group for the seams and make them stiffer and/or give them more thickness/offset. You could also try to shrink them some way.

If tracing over real sewing patterns isn’t an option, you could also try to send your modeled meshes to UVW space with XYZ to UVW (UVW Map) and flatten them out with relax (Unwrap UVW), then copy the UV Channel to XYZ with Channel Info. Then either turn the open edges to splines, if that’s already available, or trace the pieces by hand in order to apply Garment Maker.
You could also try to use Cloth directly to flatten out your pieces, might be more precise.


Well, I’m building some sci-fi gear, y’see, so I’mm looking at having things like ribbed/quilted shoulder pads and the like…

You can see the basic ideas in that pic (though this is not my final design or even my design at all; it’s just some art I found to use as reference/inspiration). If you’re a fan of sci-fi in any way, you’ve seen bits of spacesuits using that trope the shoulder-pads are using in one format or another…that’s what I’m going for.
Obviously, they’ll be a smidge more stiff than the rest of the uniform…if making a group can accomplish this, then perhaps that’s the method I should use (though I’m mildly annoyed that they won’t let you make groups out of faces or polys or edges rather than verts; that functionality would suit my purposes a million times better!).


You can convert your edge or face selection to vertices beneath your Cloth modifier and get that selection under Group.

Looking at your example, I simply would consider modeling a highpoly version with shoulder pad and perhaps some small wrinkles around the seams and skin wrap that to a simpler simulated Mesh without shoulder pads (perhaps make the area a bit stiffer via Groups).


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