Cloth Nurb won't clone


I can;t seem to get a Cloth Nurb to clone (R13). Is there some reason it won;t do so? I want the object in this scene to float randomly in a Grid Array with a several dozen instances but the Nurb doesn;t seem to want to clone. I also can;t get them to Align to Spline when I put the Cloth Nurb and Sphere into a Null and use a Align to Spline tag. Are there some general limits on using Cloth Nurbs in this way or is my machine just not showing me the real scene for some reason?
Any help would be appreciated.


there seem to be quite a few issues with your scene.
You have a huge Scale value in the Transform tab of Mograph (15x)
Your Cloth Surface has a scaling of 0.15
your axis on the sphere is off center

Besides that, inside Mograph you can’t run the cloth simulation.
So, first cache any cloth animation, and then clone the cached object.
If you want variation, make a few different cloth sims and randomise then inside the Cloner.

I can’t be more specific, as I have no idea what you’re trying to achieve.


That’s all helpful for starters. The final scene has an object inside the Cloth Nurb (Viral Generator) that gradually increases in size then breaks through the Cloth Nurb. (I didn’t include that element.) I want sort of a random array of those floating around the screen (as if in the bloodstream)
But I did adjust the parameters you mention and I expect the caching will help.
Thanks much.


Sorry for the follow-up. I cached the animation using the Cloth Tag Cache - once that is finished, should it be easier to Clone the Cloth? I"m not entirely sure how to use the cached animation. Could you let me know or point me to a tutorial or reference?
thanks much


I would advise you forget cloth for this type of animation. Simulations in general are a pain when you want a certain level of control.

Try using deformers and effectors (with Deformer set to Point).

This will allow you to create a “fake” simulation of each object.
Use those objects as clones. Mograph and cloth is a no-no.

If you insist in doing a simulation, maybe try soft bodies instead of cloth.


Thanks for the advice, but I don’t think the way in which I want the inner object to tear apart the outer sphere as it gradually increases in size can be done any other way. I do agree that cloning is a lost cause, but I can;t even get the Cloth Nurb to Align to a spline or move in any controlled way - seems odd, but I guess that is a limitation…


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