Cloth modifier on a complex object



I would like to apply a fabric on a throne (as in the photo


I want the fabric to take the place of the throne and sit well in every corner.

I can not find the right configuration for the fabric. It is deposited just slightly on the throne without marrying all forms. The seat and the armrests for example are not visible.

Do you know how I could do it?


This is very likely not a simple uniform piece cloth but a hull tailored to fit the throne, so your best bet would probably be to create a copy of the throne, scale up the cloth around the areas that are supposed to droop (creating additional cloth that can cast folds) and pin/preserve the edges.
Alternatively you can try to start from the top and animate certain vertices to “tug” the cloth into the creases of the chair. (Though you might struggle with interpenetration in that case.)


Thank you for your answer. The problem is that using your first method, we lose the idea of ​​a single piece of cloth, as in the photo. I will try it anyway!


Use collision objects to push the cloth where you want it.


Thx for you answers. I managed to have a good rendering!