Cloth for Complex Collisions and Damage.


So far with cloth I’ve experimented with; this Car Collision, a spiders web, underwater plant life and a jelly fish. It’s a serious shame I can’t save any of this.

Here’s one of my tests.

Here, i’ve purposely seperated the two objects to show the result in better detail.

Maybe you can post your findings in this thread;


you are giving cloth a new meaning, it seems .
Cool, would not have thought to use it for a car— looks very good.


I hope somebody in the near future writes a plugin to give it even more meaning.
It’s not restricted at present, but it could be expanded to do a whole lot more than just clothing.

Personally I’d like to see a few more options in there. But it does the trick for the most part.


damn, thats a really cool example dude, it looks pretty real


what options btw?

and very cool use of cloth bud…:thumbsup:


Outstanding work, InTheCity…
I’ve made many tests to achieve this kind of deformation with the Dynamics Soft Bodies, without consistents results. I believe the r9 will bring a bunch of good surprises…


Really creative idea! I saw the cloth demos and am wondering about weighting and elasticity - i.e. how well does it remain crumpled. I haven’t had a chance to download and play yet. Working OT to scrape the upgrade funds together…

How about a deformation of land mass and dirt, such as in Independence Day when the craft smashes into the land - or even waterfall/waves?
Great post.


Works beautifully EddieB

One tip though. Don’t try to use a huge poly collision object, there’s just no need.
Instead, mimic the object you desire to use with an invisible lower poly object, a low-poly replica ‘so to speak’
The interaction difference between say 2000 poly’s vs 20’000 is huge…

Flingster; What I meant for more options, was the ability to pause the cloth at any given time, so that motion like that this above doesn’t go too far and warp out of control… There’s probably a way to do it all ready. I just need to look closer.


Just tried it with hair department and it worked great, finally you will be able to do foot prints in grass ect, with ease.



Great stuff! I used it to do a bouncing soft-body ball a while back. Looked okay but not as good as Dynamics can do (if I could figure out Dynamics).


collapsing buildings with the explosion deformer to if you wish is also doable, I will be ordering my copy later today.



The idea is cool !:eek:


One more Car collision; This time from above.


Nice ! Cool idea to apply this to other objects as well, other than cloth.


That scene from the Matrix comes to mind, where the chopper crashes into the building and causes that crazy ripple.

I’m killing my mind trying to think of experiments here; crushed cans, liquid dynamics, what else?

Thanks for watching.


Hair (planes)? Rope/cable? Fat/cleavage?


Realy cool idea InTheCity :slight_smile:
Imagine you would have to model a crashed car.

I did a number of SoftBody tests with cloth, but nothing as apealing as yours



Wow, This stuff looks great. Would you guys be able to post how you set the cloth up and the settings used with each pic so we can go and play starting with the same settings?



Yeah, I would be interested in the settings, too…
Awesome work, man !


Great stuff. Need to say again, that I really hope when Maxon overhauls Dynamics they take a page from the Mocca Cloth feature, quick, responsive and easy. Wow!!