Cloth dresser function issue


Hi there!
I was trying to make a simple pillow but dresser function is acting weird on corners of the mesh, the sides of object are strangely twisted. Here is the the example

Have you ever met this issue before? I’ve tested it on two different machines with R18, R19 and R20 (Ryzen and Intel CPU) - same results. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or what - settings of Cloth are default.

I will be appreciated for any advice.



Hi, you are right, it creates a lot of strange deformation.
I worked around it by making two close cuts to the edges and seaming the resulting polys.
Then I changed the width to 1 cm and dressed it. Added Cloth Nurbs. Using a 70cm x 50cm pillow. Hope it helps. Edit: Images uploaded in the wrong order…
Edit 02: The closer to the edges you make the cuts, the better the results.


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