Cloth belt bad function with bend deformer


I have a problem with this:

I have a disc with a hole, attached to a torus with belt tag.
That disc is inserted in the middle of a stick, as if you put a ring on a finger.
That cloth falls with gravity
Then I use bend deformer with the hole content (over a null) to bend all together. So it should bend from left to right

The issue is, when I make the animation with cloth, it works fine
BUT when I apply cloth surface and subdivision surface over that cloth, that things move it differently and they don’t attach well to the cloth mesh.
Check the file so you can see it clearly.

I look into the forums and I found this:

What you can do is cache the cloth simulation, with priority at gen+1 ,with the subdivision mesh disabled (…sigh).
Then set the priority to gen-1, enable the subd again.

That works great with subdivision surface but it doesn’t work with cloth tag.

Please help!!
Thank you!


The answer to these priority issues is to keep changing the priority value and/or the order of deformers until you accidentally find a solution. In the manual there is a list of values for priorities, try finding those references.

This is how everyone in the history of C4D has fixed priority issues. Sometimes you just can’t fix them and have to think about baking out objects as Alembic caches then applying deformers etc.


Thank you!, the alembic baking seems to work. First this, then apply the deformer.


Glad I could help.

Sometimes being pragmatic is the best way.