Close Up portraits, David Moratilla Amago (3D)


Great work man,l love his face.:love:


Greatttttttt, bravooooooooooooooooooo


Thanks for the answer, dmoratilla.
I see that you have reached gallery in no time. Fully deserved. Congratz.


great work :wink:

rendering is extremely realistic /

good luck /


great work!!! :slight_smile:


Simply stunning.


Beautiful work! Great detailing…

Well deserved spot!


Very realistic and natural work, nice job!

Cobra 6


Two words to describe your work:

holy s***

Incredible piece of artwork, really. No crits from me.


Simply Amazing!! Congrats


Amazing work and cute girl.
its look like a photo taken by SLR.


It’s funny how imperfections can bring a 3D model to life, as people try so hard to make real women dolls



this is just amazing. another step up in cg human creations.
may i ask you how u did the tearline shader? i assume its with some mia material, but how you get this results? whenever i use it i always get extreme ammount of reflections on it…


I love her :smiley:


Dude, the best philosophical comment about 3D hyperrealism so far…


Woah , :wip: If I’ve found that at Deviantart I could though it’s real photo .


Hi guys, thank you very much for the comments, really appreciate :thumbsup:

The shader of the tearline is a normal transparent blinn with the diffuse color to 0. I made different tests and with this was ok.
I think that the key here is that the window reflected is a hdr texture, mapped on an environent sphere. This gives you reflection only in the areas with more light.

Totally agree with you guys. In this zbrush screenshot you can see the final geometry of the model. With this I generated a normal map that is applied in maya to the hi-res geometry.

As you can see, it´s not a perfect geometry, I spent some time “breaking” the original 3D geometry. This details are not so much visible at the final renders (depends on the lightning, sss shading, etc) but they are still there, and I think that gives an extra point.
Also, I think that fur is also essential to give a real appearance to all organic 3D renders.


That’s Great !!! I love it.


thanks for the Reply David :slight_smile:


Very nice design !
Keep it up Bro’