Close Up portraits, David Moratilla Amago (3D)


Title: Close Up portraits
Name: David Moratilla Amago
Country: España
Software: BodyPaint, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hello guys,

This is my latest work, it´s a serie of close up portraits of a woman.
My idea was to create a natural and realistic portrait, with a photographic approach in a low key lighning conditions.
I wanted to create only one image, but I made many tests with the lightning, camera angles, hairstyles, color, BW and I wasn´t sure wich one was the best, so I deciced to go with different images.

Here is a description of the process:
Base modelling in maya, texturing in photoshop/Bodypaint (I used photos from “Essence the face” as the base to create the texture of the face). Zbrush for refine modelling and detailing skin. Hair with “shave and haircut” and “shaders_p, hair_TK” for the shader of the hair. Fur is “maya fur”.
Rendered with mental ray, and photoshop for final compositing.

More images, on my website:


Dude, your work is simply amazing.
It is without doubt the best I saw in a long time. very profecional, nearly perfect.
Just love it. especially the first picture, by the way, reminds me of someone special to me.
Great job, congratulations!


wow its really great.i like the mood of the lighting, and the character itself.she’s trying to say something but she didn’t, but it showed in her emotion and saying to her self (you know how much i love you,but its OK, its alright,hu huhuh…) that was on the third picture…congrats man,i really like her eyes.


This is probably the most realistic CG face I’ve ever seen. The level of detail is just amazing.

Congratulations on an incredible piece of art! :applause:

Can you share some wireframes and/or clay renders?


Amazing stuff, aside from the hair on the chin being a bit long it’s fantastic. :smiley:


Incredible photorealism, all the subtle imperfections like the blood shoots in the eyes and and blemishes on the skin add so much to the realism, not to mention the excellent use of lighting. Nicely done!


Hi guys, Thank you very much for the comments¡

Here are some wireframes:


Muy bueno. Sobre todo los de color, que destacan las texturas mas. Un diez Chavalote.


Went straight into my inspiration-folder. Very good work! :beer:


The first render (b&w) is perfect, imho, but the jaw line looks somehow blurred, giving a furry feeling a little bit out of place. This is even worse in the third render (b&w). Also, the second render (color) appear pixelated on my screen (a prof 1920x1200): have you reduced the image size a lot, or used a low quality jpeg to keep into posting size?
Your work is one of the best photo realistic portraits I’ve see so far, and I see that your modeling flow is very good.


Wow, stunning realism! Greatly done skin and a lovely face! Partially rather hairy (like chin and tip of the nose) and nostrils look a bit simply modeled, but all in all one of the most realistic portraits. Excellent! :thumbsup:


Perfect man! the third b/w shot looks unbelievable realistic, congrats in achieving such beautiful face and awesome images :slight_smile:


Thank you for the comments¡ :thumbsup:

I added DOF blur in postpro. Yes, maybe it´s a little exagerated in that zone. Regarding the pixelated effect, it may be because of the jpg compression, a noise layer that i added to reduce the cg appearance, and the digimarc watermark.



Great work man, very beautiful and extremely realistic :thumbsup:


Amazing work


The bump map feels a touch too much, and maybe a little sharp, especially around the lips. I’d say the shadows are also a little too high contrast, would be nice to see perhaps a rim light on the shade side. But otherwise a very nice rendering.



Fantastic~! Amazing Work~!!
Would you Please Show me your SSS shader and Render setting(Light and Etc…)?


Nice work !:thumbsup:


In a word: WOW!
They really don’t look to be artificial.


simply outstanding

ole y ole tio!!! pedazos de imagenes

hugs from the south of spain, mate