CLOSE ENCOUNTERS SIGNUP LIST: Post here those who are looking for partners/teams


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Who knows it might be cool to have a Maya Team competing against a Max team.!

Anyway, if you are interested just post so people who are looking for teammates can PM you:

What you want to do:


If time permits, I’ll be using a scene from my own film screenplay, as it involves things that have not been seen before, and would like to find a talented partner here in the Bay Area (San Francisco). There may be some other work for a modeler, or actor/actress. Please PM me.


-Daniel B. McMillan


Hey all, I would like to be a part of this, and my schedule is finally allowing me some free time, I’m not sure what all I can do as my modeling skills are… lacking (non existent, lol) but I could help with story boarding, layout, and perhaps editing.
I just remembered I have a short alien script and some storyboards drawn up, they are a little old, (a year or so at least) but I think they are solid. I would prefer a local team, if there is anyone in the Las Vegas area participating in this challenge.
Anyway, if anyone wants to know more, PM me or send me an email at



hey folks,
so if anyone needs a hand with anything, mostly compositing give me a shout. I work at a firm that handles a large amount of architectural renderings and i mainly handle the compositing/texturing of things, plus i want to bring of my scifi geek again that has been supressed from the job :smiley:

you can pm me here or email me at

heres a few example
and the arch rendering company, (working on a site update right now)

Jonathan Armstrong


Hi all,

I am an XSI user. I have just picked up 3d, and have learnt the basics of the software. Now I want to expand my skills. I see a perfect oppurtunity here. I know my skills are very much lacking for this kind of challenge, but I want to try.

So if some more new people are there, maybe we can team up and produce something. It will be not that good, but still be worthwhile and will enable us to strengthen our skills.



Hi, If anyone needs some animation done i’d love to help out. Any mechanical or character animation that is needed, maybe an alien or props, whatever, let me know I’d be interested in helping.


Hey people, well this would be the first lil forum project I’ve worked on but would really like to work with a team or partner, I use MAYA, Photoshop, Painter, and Premiere. I can model, light, animate, design, edit, and do animatics/storyboards as well. If you need a person that can do a lot drop me a line, by the way I am in the process of getting my website up and running I only have my sketch book up at the moment because I’m getting everything else together right now, so take a look and drp me a line


Also definatly in on this one here. Looking for more teammates too if anyone’s interested! Have a look at my submission thus far and see if you want to join up! I’ll have a storyboard reading sometimes later today.


im a maya newbie. id like to help where i can. you can find my only real animation test online at its not there yet i will upload it once i get back to my computer at work.


we are looking for a MAX animator. PM me


I am in Orlando, Florida area. If any one wants help with composition, pm me. I am looking to get involved in the team. If you are short on people, I will gladly help out. Mostly Shake and Fluid dynamics in maya. If you are near the area, we can meet on weekends and this thankgiving break.


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