Cloning only on pronounced areas?


Hi there,

I’m cloning over a simple plane with a displacer deformer. The displacer is to make the plane irregular and kind of a mountain shape.
Next, I’m making the plane editable and selecting the most pronounced parts of the plane in order to store a selection for the areas I want my clones applied. It’s sort of snow on a mountain.
Everything is working fine, but I wonder if there’s a way to skip the make editable part. Maybe I can generate a map that catches the taller parts of the plane and that generates a map for me?


Clone visibility based on altitude can be controlled with a Terrain Mask shader in a Shader Effector. For manual control you can create a selection using a Correction deformer and drag the tag into the Object field on the Cloner.


Thank you, Darter!

Both great solution, and actually combining them it’s perfect for what I’m doing.