Cloner object with Vertex map selection...?



Trying to do object cloner with surface distribution but I need only on Vertex map selected area, I applied vertex map in selection but its not effecting, any way to fix it…?

and can I do invert of vertex map selection…?



you can convert your vertex map to point selection and use that point selection within cloner as a restriction for cloning .


Thanks… I will give a try.



Point selection works… I was trying Vertex Map tag.
We can not cloner restrict by vertex map…?

You Xpresso is in… I think German, cant understand except few.



yes, it´s German as I use a German layout :slight_smile:

but not too difficult. You need number of points for iteration through index. You can do it from vertex map,
however I have chosen the object itself (Ebene) via point node. As
iteration goes from 0, you have to subtract 1 from that point number to
get highest number to feed into max iteration. There is a vertex map
node you can feed in your vertex map as an object and read point weights
by this. Just another node, set selection tag (came in with R19 I´m
afraid) and you can link a point selection on the object to this. Get
the values from vertex map and link these to value to be written of
point selection tag and sync indexes by wiring iteration node to both index ports.
Now every vertex weight of 100% will cause the point that owes that
weight turn to be selected. Use point selection as a limiter for cloner
and new clones will appear only on areas that you paint a 100% vertex
weight on…


wow… thanks Lothar.