Cloner (object mode) separation bias


I have this thing i’m making, where i used a cloner to place spheres along a circle, and a step effector to make each one smaller than the previous:

the thing is, the cloner places the spheres proportionally, and i want to touch each other, so with different sizes, equal distance doesn’t work. Unless there’s something i’m missing about the cloner, there’s no direct way to do it with the cloner, so i made the cloner editable and i thought about using xpresso or python, but i’m a little lost on about how to do it

any thoughts on this?


You may want to add a Random effector under the Step.

Like this ? Also play with the values as shown,

00%20AM 10%20AM 21%20AM


thank you for your reply, but that doesn’t help at all. I just need the spheres to be closer to each other.


Adjust the Start and Offset values



that way they’re not touching, they’re overlapping


“never spend 6 minutes doing something manually when you can spend 6 hours failing to automatize it”


Seriously I sent a suggestion about this 3-4 years ago…
Either there’s a silly way to do it or they just didn’t bother …