Cloner inside Cloner - How to control them as one Cloner?


For some reason it is necessary that I have to create ONE cloner that includes a sequence of objects (in this case 3) and another cloner (including the first cloner) to multiply the objects…

Now I want to control the clones as if there where created in one cloner. Is this possible?


As I told you. It is not possible to put all objects simply in one cloner…


What I get is this:

What I want is this:


if you set your cloner to “iterate” mode, it will cycle through the same objects over and over again, as you increase the clone count.

So if say you set 300 clones, you will get 100 times the same sequence of 3 objects.

So no need for 2 cloners in that case.

As for the “wavy” distribution, you can set the cloner in “object mode” and feed it a spline.


There is a reason I have to use a cloner inside a cloner. The inner elements have all the same null-point but are side by side. So the inner sequence is in a cloner with a 0 position offset. The outer cloner has an offset of the total length of ther inner sequence…


You can also clone everything in a straight line and use a spline wrap deformer.

Or put it all under a fracture object and use a spline effector.




ONCE AGAIN: I have to do it in separate cloners. There is a reason for it and I have no other choice. I am looking for a solution to control all created clones (no matter what cloner level) with effectors.


That’s what I meant with the fracture object. method.

A fracture object looks at all its children as clones which you can then affect by effectors, regardless of where they come from.


if you put the Cloners in a Connect, then in a Fracture, yes.


I did not know the fracture object is capable of doing this. Thanks guys. This is amazin. How do I get the anchor point (axis) fixed so the piano keys move (rotate) to the correct point?



Is this the setup you are trying to do? (piano keys)
If yes, then what’s the reason you need 2 Cloners?
You can do this with a single cloner and have no problems.


All keys of an octave have the same null point (axis/rotation point). So to buid a complete piano, I created on cloner with 0 offset of the clones wich created the first octave.

I did put this cloner in another clone wich created the complete piano…


Which version of C4D do you have?


R20 version.
Since it’s not possible to do it the way you where setting it up, here’s a way that seems complex, but actually is very simple.
1 Cloner for each note, and the effector controls all Cloners.
Select all Cloners and change the number of octaves you want.
If you have R19 or older, tell me and I’ll see if I can replicate this for you.


I have a question about the FRACTURE tool: How do I get the anchor point (axis) fixed so the piano keys move (rotate) to the correct point?


I don’t think it’s possible, the center of the object becomes the new axis in a Fracture. If there is a way to use the existing axis for whole objects I don’t know about it yet.