Cloner edge selection not working with Xrefs?


I don’t use Xrefs very often, so I’m not sure if this is even supposed to work…but when I create a mograph cloner and set it to object mode, and try to limit the edges that are used with edge selection, it works in the original scene, but not as an Xref.

In other words, when I load a scene that’s using selections to limit the distribution, the selection is ignored, and the object is instead cloned to all edges.

Can anyone else confirm or deny?

From the original file:

As an Xref:


What are the options you’ve used on the xref when you imported it? You need to uncheck “generator” I think.


The generator option didn’t seem to make any difference.
However, I’ve figured out what the problem is.

By default, when you create an Xref, it automatically adds a namespace as a prefix to all of the objects that are a part of that Xref. When it does that, it also renames (adds a prefix to) the edge selection tag.

Since the edge selection tag has now been renamed, it no longer works.

If you remove the text for the Namespace and leave it blank, it uses the original name and works again.


An yes, what fun eh? Takes a while to get a set of options that are universally stable. If you can, I suggest changing the path from relative to absolute.