Clone positions set by py effector + moDynamics. moTracer traces pos's b4 dynamics


Hello all,

I have a cloner, and the positions of the clones are being set by a python effector. Then there’s a dynamics tag on the cloner and, in the ‘force’ tab, the ‘follow position’ parameter is only set to 4 to give some more natural-looking motion. The problem is that the moTracer isn’t taking into consideration the new position that the dynamics tag gives, even when the ‘follow position’ parameter is set to 100.

Scene file included here. You should be able to see the problem: the splines generated by the moTracer aren’t connected to the clones being traced. It kind of seems like a priority problem – like the tag is applied after the objects in the object manager have been executed – but I don’t see any priority parameters to work with in the tracer or the tag…

Thanks in advance for any efforts


Baking the cloner works.