Clips chooser, tool for animatiors


Hi all!

I have completed first version of my clipsChooser, which can help you with animations. It’s already on the, probably, you have already seen it.

Description and script are here:

Image for preview:


Has any one tried to use it? =)


ok… this is good… i could really make good use of this for sure…

nice features… especially the export import all clips, and auto framing of selected clip…
I’ll check out the referencing too…

I’ll proceed to try and break it under ‘work’ conditions and then feedback to you :wink:

would be nice if it could handle sub characters too!..
and also a easy rename feature…



Hi! You are the first man, who did wrote a thing about. Thanks a lot!

  1. subCharacter … just has never met it life. Can you provide me some more info? I need test scene to work with.

  2. renaming: if you can suggest anything easier than using menus (both RMB popUp and Edit CS clips) OR selecting clip with same menus and renaming it in channelBox or attributeEditor, I will try to implement this


Me109, will you be here someday? -)


Nice to see others actually using the Trax, I thought I was the only one fighting to get it improved. Nice work, I’m going to take a good look today.



For me Trax Editor is not just the only tool to manage the clips. When you are TD on game project, you often need far more suitable tool to view new clips, that were done by outsources. Also Trax Editor is not the best tool for managing clips of multy CS in large scenes. Everything is only IMHO, but these ideas inspired me to develop this tool.



yeah sub characters as in breaking the main character into parts… ie… Left arm, Left Hand… etc…

I use ‘poses’ on the hands especially… and then you can blend more complicated finger movement plus have the ability to key over the top… so you end up with more than a straight forward ‘clip’ to work with… maybe 5 to 6 clips working together to make a single animation…

This of course could include post or pre cylces… holds… and also keying the weight of a clip… later on in dev I will use a similar setup for facial animation using bones.

I wish autodesk were to do more with the trax… the ability to incapsulate a ‘blend set’ into a single clip group… other than having to merge it all together would be nice…

I guess you could simulate the ‘grouping’ in ur script… basicaly associating ‘certain’ clips with a single ‘animation’ range… and treating it as so… then making it easier to enable and export a animation set using multiple clips…

This kinda setup however i’m using only for our main character…

I’ve used the script on standard characters (one character set) and it speeds up the viewing and exporting a great deal… of course exporting will be done by a batch exporter some time in the future… but excellent all the same…

[li]feature! - would be cool if you had a tick box that opens the time range from 1 - 29 on a clip that is 1 - 30… as you know the last frame and first frames are the same… so this would be useful for viewing the loop… and export of course…[/li][/ul]I guess with the rename feature… something like the outliner rename function… rather than a right click… but more over in regard to associating the clip with a particular animation name… more for export purposes… i.e. filename… eg… Chr_DemonDude_01_Run.*

I keep excel spreadsheets of all animations and correct filenames… I always think about if i could get maya to read out the external spreadsheet… (Comma Seperated Values…‘CSV’ format) and then use that information in the trax editor to further manage the animations… basically… the clip file names are usually not the absolute export name…

i’ve already got a script that reads out all the info from the Scheduler and outputs it to a XML file… which i can parse with PHP… I’m intending on extending this system as a way of automatically being able to manage the names of clips externally via a web interface… and even being able to batch export via the web interface as well…

I suppose there is alot of things you can do here for sure! so far the basic functionality works great! I’m yet to setup my scenes with referenced clips… but am sure to do that shortly!

Cheers mate!


Hi, Me109! Glad to see you back, thanks for your ideas.

Here’s my feedback/thoughts about:

  • subcharacters: as I have said before, I need a sample for tests. There’s no trouble to create it, I thinks, but I prefer to work with samples from “real” life. Can you provide it?

  • poses: I thought about adding them to the clipsChooser, but Trax Editor has Library menu, which nice enough

  • clip groups: I think that tracks in the Trax Editor can be treated like groups you’ve mentioned. I can try to add an option to select tracks in similar list. After track is selected, timeLime will be adjusted to fit all clips on it. Export clips from selected track will also be possible.

  • first/last frame feature: I thought, that this trick is done by setting duration of the instanced clip 1 frame shorter. E.g. you have 30 frames cycle source clip with same first and last frame, but instanced clip has only 29 frames. It’s typical for the games, since you don’t need same frames in the engine after clip is exported

-renaming: I don’t think that scrollList will let me implement style of Outliner, but I need to check it. At least I can add call to rename window on double click.

-adding particular animation name: to be honest, I’m really happy with the fact, that name of the clip matches filename. This way all the things are very clear. But probably I just don’t understand what you mean

-spreadsheets: I suggest you to do “reverse” thing. You can create CS file and template clip for it (also is separate file). Then parse Excel spreadsheet to create required files of clips (set proper name both for file and clip inside ma template). After that you import all clip files to the CS and have everything organized. Referencing can make life even more beautiful, I hope

-new feature: I have added printing list of the clips. Names, duration and statuses are printed to Script Editor and then can be copyPasted to Excel in one click. Work nice, version will be updated in couple of days

Looking forward to see you reply! Any info about your tests with reference clips will be appreciated.


Updated as promised.

Version 1.1 is here:

What’s new:

  • rename window simplified

  • renaming with double click added (similar to Outliner style)

  • printing of clips list added: get formatted list of all clips with names, duration and statutes in Excel, Word or whatever you need. Usage: select the CS you need, go to Misc. menu in clipsChooser and select brief (names only) or detailed form of list. Information will be printed to Script Editor and also copied to the clipboard. Last step is pasting info the editor you need



New version 1.2 is ready.

What’s new:
[li]track selection added: after track is selected, timeLine will be adjusted to fit all the clips on the track. Also only clips from selected track are enabled[/li][li]referencing is improved: now you can load/unload CS file and any number of clips[/li][/ul]Details here


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