Clip viewport to show only what will be rendered?



When I am setting up the camera, with it being displayed in one of the viewports, is it possible to have that viewport ‘shrink’ the visible area so that it matches the aspect ratio that I intend to render with (like how 4:3 TVs would add black lines around widescreen films)?



“Show safe frames” should do the trick for you.

You will find this option in the drop-down box when you right click on the camera’s name located in the top-left corner of its active viewport.

The camera’s viewport will now be clipped to reflect the current resolution/aspect ratio in Render Setup.


Also you’ll notice that by default, when you show safe frames, everything outside the frame is clipped. Depending on the projects I sometimes find it easier to work the composition if I see the objects beyond the frame. To do that go to Customize>Preferences>Viewports>Mask Viewport to Safe Region


Hi feat, edgy_k,

That is perfect, thank you both!


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