Clip Curve Unwanted Snapping


I searched everywhere to try of figure this out, but is there a way to turn off the snapping for the clip curve? When I try to draw out a precise curve using alt and double click alt the next segment will sometimes snap to where I dont want it. Is there a way to stop that behavior? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this. I am stumped :frowning:


Its actually the clip snapping angle that I need to turn off. It keeps snapping in 5 degree increments. I need to just freehand it instead of it trying to snap to degree increments.


once you start the clip brush>release the Ctrl and Shift



Took me a few tries at it when I realized you have to release shift.


i normally right click with the left finger
and left click with the right finger seams to work
but if you say releasing just the shift key works for you then thats all that counts :beer:


Thanks guys. So obvious I feel like an idiot. I was not letting go of shift once I started the stroke LOL. Appreciate the quick response. :applause:


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