Climber, final Sound Mix


Hi everybody,

I recently finished my short film Climber at the Vancouver Film School but just last week I received the final sound mix. I didn’t realized how significant sound is until I heard it myself. I also added litlle things to the sort as falling ice and cracks on the walls.

The file is about 15 MB and you will need QuickTime 7.0 to view it. You can right click and save the movie.

Comments very welcome.

Carlos Villarreal Kwasek


Sound does make a big difference. Also the addition of the flying ice elements when he puts his pick axe into the mountain makes the whole thing more palpable. The voices help anticipate and enhance the transition into his “altered world” that I percieve as being in his head. I understood the piece before, but it seems much sharper in its present form with the sound. Things seem more defined and clear in the moments where they needed to be. Good work.


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