Clift House, Eric Sosa (3D)


Title: Clift House
Name: Eric Sosa
Country: Denmark
Software: 3ds max, VRay

Wanted to work with nature & vegetation I came to this render. The idea started with a house on the top of a hill…never finished indeed.

Modelled in Max, rendered with vray & added the background with photoshop.

I’ll update the thread with other camera shots where the house is more “visible”. :smiley:

Thx for the support to 3D artist CG!!


I really like the reflections in your water surface, with those different colors and the idea!

Although - and here comes my critique:
The comp as itself feels a bit boring. You have the house there, but composition wise not as the keyelement. The terrain is too procedural as it could compensate this. The clouds look like a smudge overlay in photoshop, so maybe you could bring in some more interesting cloud formations.
Also the fact that you have green leaf trees like oaks or something in your scene,
along with the snowy landscape - doesn’t make sense since trees drop their foliage at an average temperatur under 7°C.
There you could easyly edit your mountain material, so just the caps are covered with snow.

Nevertheless and like I already told you : It’s a great idea!


I really like the compositon of this scene, but for me it looks a little incomplete. Seems to have a Thunderbirds set look to it, if you see what I mean. Of course that’s not necessarily a bad thing - I loved Thunderbirds :slight_smile: But I think a little more atmospheric depth would really give it that little something extra - and perhaps some extra rocks or details in the water areas.


Made another version of it, using a new background that I thing it is more beliavable.

Next step is to make a new “house”, more suitable for the enviroment and perhaps moving the camera to an angle with the same high as the house has.

Thx for the comments.

Wish I could come closer to the house & the clift, but the textures start looking like an elephant skin!!!.. opps.

Anyways I would like to update taking in count your advices…

Regards, Eric


That’s a big improvement - much better sky and background :slight_smile: keep up the good work!


While I work forward with the second render, I made a new render coming close to the house & clift. Added some sipporting columns for the house and changed the trees to pines.

I’ll keep working forward…thank you again for your comments, regards Eric.


made a new render not using any background pic.

-proxi scattered forest
-camera closer to the house

humm…am I getting far from the magic of the scene because of trying to make everything in 3d instead of using a more pixeled background pic for example?

love the thing of making the most in 3d tho…:slight_smile:

I guess I need badly advice from photographer/artist here, not sure if I am going the rigth way…:rolleyes:



could u show us your water material setups?



diffuse = black
reflect = fallof = 100% black (checked) & 100& white (checked) type, fresnel dirct cam Z, mix curve (this is the trick) black higher then white.
bump = mix =

  • color 1 = noise tilling 0,039 in all size 0,3 & fractal color 1 black, color 2 white
  • color 2 = smoke tilling 0,039 in all size 3.0 iterations 5 exponent 1,5

water color, reflection & waves may vary from scene to scene, it depends on many things,; scene units, backgrounds, HDRI’s, enviroment light, etc

you need to try it…difficult to explain everything here.


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