Click on object to rotate in viewport not working?


I have my preference settings set to “Camera mode = Cursor” however when I click on an object in one particular scene, I dont get the yellow cursor that appears on the surface of the object that I clicked on. When I try rotating in the viewport, I dont rotate from the point I just clicked, but from the center of the world axis.

If I open any other scene file I get the correct behavior when navigating the viewport, but not this one particular file.

Any ideas as to what Im doing wrong?


Is the little cross green? Then hit the “Insert”-Key.


No cross. Thats part of the problem. Something is either switched off on that file or the file is buggy.


You’ve probably checked but what have you got set under View/Cameras/Navigation?


this problem created due to wrong setting of navigation button
to fix this issue change navigation setting in camera section on view menu
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@SockGardener I have things set as they should. Navigation works fine in every other file except for the problem file.

@RS727511 I believe you posted the wrong link?

Thanks guys. I feel like I’ve solved this before–but cant quite remember. This search abilities of the new cgtalk are pretty bad so i cant really look back. The old search engine was better–but thats another story.