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Lawrence Harne
Planet Perseus Environment
Airship Arrivel

  1. Roman Tsarkov
  2. Unknown Creatures


Rodrigo Garcia

Unknown Creatures


Gorodetskiy Arty

Categories: Airship Arrival


Ben Schulz

Airship arrival
Planet Perseus Environment

  1. Hainner Molmelstet

  2. Andromeda : Unknown Creatures

  1. Carlos Loggiodice

  2. Planet Perseus Environment & Intelligent Life Character


Jeff Johnson
1.Planet perseus environment
And also possibly intelligent life character or airship arrival

  1. Name: Sertac Tanriverdi
  2. Category: Planet Perseus Environment,

  1. Reuben Lane

  2. Planet Perseus Environment


Adam Edwards
Intelligent Life Character

  1. Bálint Szarka

  2. Category: Intelligent Life Character


1- Thomas Garrigues
2-Planet Perseus Environment and/or Unknown creatures


Carlos Morales

Too bad Puerto Rico is excluded from the competition. Can one do more retouching of image in photoshop or just the final render from 3d software?


Marco Robuschi
Unknown Creatures


Ambrozie Pura

Planet Perseus Environment & Unknown Creatures


Lucas Somariva

Unknown Creatures


Planet Perseus Environment
Intelligent Life Character
Airship Arrival


Dmitriy Schuka


Planet Perseus Environment
Airship Arrival.

  1. My name is Matthew Lane

  2. I am entering Environment and Airship Arrival