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How We Can Exit Contest ?


@Mohammad Hossein Asadi @slavixus @razo84

We’ll reach out to you directly. Thanks!


@cfunaro Could you please check my question from 22th Feb?


Sorry for the delay, I’m still waiting to hear back on the answer on this one – will get back to you as soon as I hear back. Thank you!


Hi! Where can we upload the final images? I read that submissions will start in March 2 but I’m not sure if I’m missing out on something because there is no Andromeda “FINAL” in the genre dropdown menu.


Hi @Alben Tan, the “Final” genres should be available to use in the genre dropdown options now. Thanks!


So when I upload my final to FINAL should I also attach the callout and render views to it? or uplaod them seperately to WIP? The rules I found slightly confusing


As long as you have 3 WIPs uploaded in WIP, I think attached would be preferred. Thank you! And thanks for the feedback.


Hi, just a quick question. I uploaded my ANDROMEDA CREATURE(FINAL) last week and noticed that it only shows up in the ANDROMEDA CONTEST(FINAL) and the ANDROMEDA CREATURE(FINAL) tab if the 3D filter is selected. Did I do something wrong? I see other submissions showing up without having to hit the 3D filter.

Just want to make sure it will count for judging if the 3D tab on the filter is not selected.

Thanks for your time.



Hey @cfunaro, have you managed by a chance to get answer for my question regarding how much hand painting is allowed for environment? (overpainting or matte painting)


Hello guys, I hope everyone is okay, I would like to know if have any new about the contest? thank you.


Hello everyone.
Yes, I’m very interested too when exactly the results would be announced?
Thank you in advance.


when the results would be announced?


Looking forward to the results! I can understand why there might be a delay but are there any updates on things?


Hello! Anyone have any news about the Honourable Mentions for this contest? Thank you!


Hello, they can be found here: Congratulations to our Honorable Mentions of the Andromeda Design Contest!



Excelent my firend, i will no die!! not yet amigo!!


Hi ,

For Intelligent Life Can I use model from other source …?? and texture and Lookdev work I do .


I need to know how to comment on pictures. I wrote a comment to one picture but there is no apparent way to submit it.


Hello, I hope you can help me. I did an ncloth simulation of a landslide. But in some polygons the texture slides, generating a flicker in real time. I attach an example. It is a render with Arnold and Maya 2024. Please, if you can suggest me how I can correct it.