Cleo, Artur Owśnicki (3D)


Very nice work.

but still can’t help to find the proportions a bit off. Espeically the neck, head and chin look a bit wierd.
Maybe the shadow of the hair on the chin is a bit too much.

But nevertheless a very sweet piece.


Nice work - i like the melty lizard/ vest type thing


Very nice image! It has something of Escher and Dali! I love it!


atlast at front page :slight_smile: congrats, great work:applause:


nice job , and front page , congrats



very nice, though the neck is a little to wide, i think


saw it at *******
cool design and execution


wwhoa! congratz for front page, nice work :slight_smile:



I’m not feeling the style of the face … looks a little alien to me. The skin and everything else is fantastic.


Am I just bein’ the old fart here?

A-nother CG picture of a nymphet with her clothes (in this case, literally) melting off of her nubile young body, as she stares in wonder at a none-too-disguised phallic reference?

There is no question in my mind that this image is technically very well done, in every respect. But the subject matter is becoming pastiche.


Hey, congrats for front page, well deserved :applause:


Hmm, a gorgeous girl and lizards: what’s not to like? :smiley: Looking great! I do feel her eyes a re a tad too much on the outside of her head, but just nitpicking here.


Her face looks like she had a bad case of burn tool in photoshop, where you try to fake shadowing and her hair looks like a wig. Try somehow to easy the shadows with more light. Also the hair needs to be less cone-like.


Beautiful. Love it!


I hope this does not sound crude (I don’t intend it to), but I love beautiful breasts - and this gal has seriously awesome breasts!


she is very sexy,good work man!


Probably the most realistic skin shading I have ever seen.


I kind of agree, but, since man has put pencil to paper he’s always draw nymphets and probably always will. What better subject? :wink:

I like the idea of the image but there is something that definately needs fixing with the shadows falling on her face.

Great modelling though.



Definitely a sexy image. The face is unusual, but perhaps intentionally? Can’t all be Betty Page style can they?

I knew a girl whose face looked a bit like that.


really nice and very suggestive!