Cleo, Artur Owśnicki (3D)


Title: Cleo
Name: Artur Owśnicki
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush


I wanted to share with you a project which I was completing in my spare time for 5 months (haven’t too much of that spare time )

And here some other angles of the model:

I hope you like it


I like this. It’s very surreal and creative. The hair is very well done, and I love the little lizards. Did you have them rigged?


Hi, interesting work…well done with the models and lighting, the hair shadow on her right side i would make a little tighter and stronger to match the underarm shadow, it feels to soft IMO…keep it up.


looks awesome man:) i love it… idea of the projekt looks fantasti


nice too see something diferent, love the idea, kind of reminds me of dali s work. keep it up


Most impressive!! such a creative idea and realization. there is something wrong with the eyes though imho, can’t really pinpoint it, maybe they are too wide open! :thumbsup:


Amazing. Very very nice and beauty details.
nice Idea, I like this Image!


I find this picture very realistic and detailed.
I love her facial expression, I like it.


Really amazing… I know you just made the top half but this is one of those images that I would love to see a full body render of. It’s just gorgeous!


wow , as disgusting as those little creatures is , the art work is Fabulous . fantastic :deal: :beer:


Thank you for comments, opinions and crits!
I’m glad that you like it :smiley:

The lizards were not rigged, they were posed in zbrush with the mask, rotate and move tool.
Hair done with Mental Ray mr prim and 3dsMax default hair shader.


wow very nice and original. Congrats!


Oryginal idea mate!
I like the lizzards.Modeling and the ligting is fantastic.


superb work mate … :applause:


Beautifull realization of a great concept! For me, it’s frontpage stuff :applause:


beautifully done. gratz


nice work love i ideah


Thank you once again :slight_smile:
Here are some detail shots of the work:

Early concept

Basemesh wire and early sculpt





Light setup

Rendered layers


Ohohoho, niesamowicie :slight_smile: 5 stars :thumbsup:


Very strange, but very cool. :slight_smile: