Clemenceau (R98), Stian Ervik Wahlvaag (3D)


Title: Clemenceau (R98)
Name: Stian Ervik Wahlvaag
Country: Norway
Software: Animation Master

This is my second atempt to make a large ship. This time I went for a little different environment. Hope you like it. Clemenceau (R98) was a French aircraft carrier


Cool stuff. The table looks a little clean for a workbench, but that’s a simple problem.

I’m working on a battleship, too. How many polys you end up with on the boat? I’m at 135k and climbing, and I’m wondering if I’m getting too dense.


Really cool! I think the model and all the modeling materials look great.
A few little things that could be improved, I think:
The background seems to be stretched and out of perspective with the rest.
The paint cans are arranged a little too neatly. I think in scenes where there are a lot of objects on a table people tend to spread everything out a little too evenly. If you grouped some objects and left some more “random” space, maybe even have some objects partially off the page, it would look a lot less “staged.”
Ship model looks great, very detailed.


Great work man :bounce:
I love model kits.
4* from me

Keep it good work


great detail on the boat. i think some shaders could look better. but overall a great image.


Love it :love: because:

  1. I was making models like this when I was younger…still don’t know why I’ve stoped. So a bit of nostalgia.

  2. It’s a great render with detailed models and nice materieals.


Fett! så ikke denne før nå jeg…

Looking good,mister! Solid modelling for sure.

just knitpicking:couple of shaders could improve a bit, but only thing that struck was the Dof…I’d lose the Dof and change the backgr.

that little piece of paper, shouldn’t it be yellow or…? Also the woodmaterial could need some work. A bit unspecified now IMO. I’d either de-saturate it more, to get that “ubehandla” (wtf is that in english…?) look or saturate it more to get a more oak-looking material.

ellers er det jo veldig bra jobba som vanlig!


Beautiful as ever.


great stuff!

Mike Fitz


Stian, great work! Now make it dance!


Thank you guys for your comments and crits. I appreciats them very much!


how could this be possible?! OMG, you are not human being!


Did you do this in AM I am impressed. A detailed model with lots of hard edges is difficult to do in AM. Was this done with all patches or did you model it in a diferent modeler?


Thank you guys

All my models (take a look in my portfolio) is made in A:M and with patches. If I don’t remember all wrong, I think this model ended up at 100K patches


Great work, really nice image.


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