Clearing reference transform edits?


Is there an easy way to restore the original transforms of references objects in a scene?

For example, I reference a file with nodes A and B, then I move around A and B’s references. Can I restore A’s position to be exactly that in the referenced file without affecting B’s reference transform or re-loading the entire referenced file?


… to follow up, this command appears not to affect the transform on the referenced object specified, and I am not sure why:

referenceEdit -editCommand "setAttr" -removeEdits reftest:pCube1;


ok figured out my own problem – referenceEdit requires the reference node on which it’s acting to be unloaded at the time of edit. So you have to unload your reference temporarily and then reload it.

that’s why the “remove selected edits” dialog accessible through the reference editor never worked for me!! I was always trying to use it while the reference was still loaded. That dialog only works if if the reference is unloaded.


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