Cleaning edges on drawings?


hi guys.

ive got a project due within the next day or 2, that will be silkcreened and used for pressing. Mainly text, which is a custom font, that i made from an existing one.

However the first letter is completely custom and hand drawn, and the guy im working for will pick which one he likes best, then that will be thrown into the font

im working at 300dpi. And i notice my edges are a bit blurry/uneven. So im going back with the select tool as a guide, then using the paintbrush to fill in spots, which come out great

basically im getting some grey on the edges, but if i use sharpen edges/Photocopy under the stylize, it comes out REALLY pixelated

the image came from another image, that i traced over slowly with a graphics tablet.

im just wondering if theres a simpler way to get a sharp edge, that isnt pixelated, that isnt so time consuming! that and ive F’d things up over and over constantly erasing etc…

so any thoughts would help, thanks in advance guys


pixalation is due to the fact that photoshop uses pixles . if you are seeing these drastically (hopefully ) you are just zoomed in to far… look at the picture at print size , do you still see them? Type should always be done in a vector program expecially for silk screening. Maybe posting file may give an idea for a possible solution.


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