CLEANER ?? ??? ??, CaneTwN (3d)


Title: CLEANER ?? ??? ??

Name: CaneTwN

CLEANER ? ??? ??

? in collaboration with rmory studios ?

Over the past 3 months iv been enrolled in a 3d weapon design course directed by Alex Senechal, this weapon was one of the 4 weapons i cranked out and decided to go all the way with. it took around a month to go from the base concept to this fully textured game asset.

Huge thanks to Alex for telling my what was shit and what wasnt entirely shit on my gun.


Excellent work proud of you on this one! Amazing


Great hard surface work. I also love the attention to detail which makes your gun feel like it belongs in the real world.


bug - The ejected case should not have a bullet in it.


Not necessarily, a cartridge can eject for reasons other than firing, for example the user could have been fixing a jam or testing the feed mechanics by manually pulling the bolt back and forth.