Classroom Scene, Meny Hilsenrad (3D)


Crazy cool!


F**k me - that’s brilliant.


absolutely amazing


Really amazing work!!! love theflash version…so real!


Good work!
I love it!!


:beer: good, I like, :bowdown:


Wowowee! This is great work.


Thank you so much guys!
it really excites me that you love it :wavey:

First of all, here’s the short making of. it’s not showing much of a special technique,
but rather a video which gather the whole process of this piece and shrank it to 1 minute.



and some comments for questions that were asked:

Rusty7 - it took for 1 angle aprox. 2 hours to render.

rishiinamdar, veljko-lemonade, EladDabush - the entire project took 5 month
to complete but the work on it was on and off all the way. most of the time only
I worked on it but got lots of feedbacks from the entire crew here which were very
helpful. AFX was used for the post.

Macker, they were added at the post. it was much easier to achieve this effect
by faking it rather then doing it “physically”. you can see the renders before
the post work in the makingof video.

Thanks again!


Insane, just insane. Real good work. :beer:
Lol I just keep staring at the frames, amazing.


Wow ! Very good work ! :surprised
I love the level of detail you have…and, of course, the lighting :drool:


WOOOoooooOOOOWWW! Fantastic works!


Beautiful renders!.. :thumbsup:


that’s awesome!
FYI, coworker found a floating in the air resistor bottom left:


really good stuffs keep the nice work :slight_smile: !

  • Vasilis


congrats on the frontpage.


superb :beer:
Thanks for making of too.


Photographic. Amazing attention to detail. Beautiful. Well deserved front page! Thanks for posting the making of video, as well. :buttrock:


Man I’m freaking out! I really AM!

exactly ow many texture maps and shaders you got in that scene?

I’m specially amazed about the amateur photography, the flashy one. I never see that in 3d, and is an incredible approach to photo-realism.


Very Perfect, Amazing art work.
All is very Nature rendering. very good lighting and rendering, nice details in modeling.


Stunning work ! Nothing more needed to say… just amazing :thumbsup: