Classroom Scene, Meny Hilsenrad (3D)


Wow…that’s a ton of work. Very nice! Can’t wait to see the “Making of” :buttrock:


5 Star…outstanding work, :buttrock: :wip:


Top notch. I would be cool to find out the work process.


There is a great amount of detail.All beauty at any view …fantastic work


simply amazing, the lighting and postproduction effects are great.


Brilliant work guys!
love every little thing about it
how many people worked on it and for how long?
In what software did you do the post?
love the atmosphere!



Nice work,I love it!


Amazing work , front page material.

How many people worked on it ? how much time it took to achieve this level of detail?


Amazing Oo


Yep, another great work from you !

Front Page stuff if ya ask me :slight_smile:


I am blown away by the jaw dropping detail and quality.

Amazing work!



Truly astonishing level of detail.

Are the specs of dust a particle system, or were they added in post? Just curious as to what the raw renders looked like, and what the post production process on them was like.


Oh my… it’s completely crazy level of photorealism :bowdown:
I have no words more… :banghead:


Holy S*****,5 stars!
Show the wires man!


Holy**** this is beautiful. Lots of details. Great atmosphere. 5 stars!


Finally! Congrats, this is an amazing piece of work. Great!!


Fantastic,…awesome. Detail, quality, just perfect.
:smiley: :thumbsup:



Freakin awesome works!!! stunning details!


WOW, this is too awesome it hurts! i guess the only things you did’nt model are the built-in structure of those devices o.O


Usually I don’t get excited about photo realism. Just give me some piece of art! But there’s a very cool atmosphere in this piece. Great stuff! :thumbsup: