Classroom Scene, Meny Hilsenrad (3D)


Title: Classroom Scene
Name: Meny Hilsenrad
Country: Israel
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, Photoshop, VRay

Hello Everyone,

We recently finish This project which is an inhouse work we did in our spare time
between works. It was a test for a future project which we might do.

There are links here for 4 different lighting versions: 1. daylight, 2. night,
3. sunny day, 4. camera flash. and another page with the shades renders.



sunny day:

camera flash:


Here is the makingof video:




We finally finished rendering a short animation sequence of this scene.
This is a flythrough animation which will give you a chance too see
the classroom in greater details.

One frame took 1:30 minutes to render in average. there were 1300 frames in total.
multipile this for the stereoscopic version we also did. but it was rendered in 15 computers
so it wasn’t that bad…

Regular non-stereoscopic version:

Stereoscopic anaglyph version:

Your comments are most welcome.

Thank you in advance,

Studio Aiko


That’s insanely detailed! Great job!


awesome, perfect work!


one of the most complex works i`ve ever seen. the complexity and realism is astonishing. i am almost sure that this work will win the cg choice awards. it deserves it!
great work!


There is a very awesome amount of detail in the images. Pretty cool. It is nice to see how the different daytimes do change the color of an image.

Great work :wink:


F***k man… excellent and amazing detailed scene… perfect


Amazing work!I love it!



Thank you so much for the great feedback.
I really appreciate it.

Here are working links:



sunny day:

camera flash:


Here’s the short making of. it’s not showing much of a special technique,
but rather a video which gather the whole process of this piece and shrank it to 1 minute.




Your attention to detail is insane. Amazing work, looks photo real. Love the post on the shots too, suits it perfectly.


excellent , One of the best rendering is that I saw and amazing details 5*


indeed incredibly detailed, amazing stuff!!


This is completely amazing. Nothing to crit. Front page stuff. :buttrock:


AMAZING :stuck_out_tongue: :buttrock:


This is reaaaally sick! Nice work


This Is AWESOME stuff :thumbsup:
With great level of details thanks for sharing.
Can you tell us how much time it took to render this scene?


The thing I love most is the composition. I would love to see how you layered this and what you did for the color treatment and atmospheric effects.


That is seriously impressive stuff. Great detail, great everything really.



This is scary good! Amazing!!! :applause:


Just fantastic… The level of detailing is just amazing…
And i really like how the DOF looks in your images…
How many people worked on this and how much time did it take…
Cant wait for the MAKING OF… I hope it is with lots of details…
Thank you very much for uploading…


excellent work. :applause: