--- classic spy girl ---


hi everybody,

i’m working on this chick

I don’t have a concept for the moment just modeling and trying to find something interesting…

Any suggestions ?


I am really liking the silhouette! As far as ideas, you got me (never been much of a concept guy), but I do think you should try looking at those classic James Bond movies, and maybe even a dash of Uma Thurman’s costume from the Avengers movie. But no female spy has more personality than my favorite female spy/agent of all-time–the original Mrs. Peel, Emma Peel! Her fashion sense/wardrobe from the TV show should be really good reference for you.


Haha, yeah. Definitely has an Emma Peel look to it.

Tight bodysuits with oversized buckles/belts and such, You always knew someone was gonna get a kicking whenever there was a scene with her wearing one :stuck_out_tongue:

Solid modeling, got a good silhouette, though an extra loop on each elbow wouldn’t hurt.


Thanks guys for your advices ( very good )

well noticed for the edge loop ArchangelTalon

tests on the texture and modeling… messy work :slight_smile:


What I meant earlier about the original Emma Peel, I meant DIANA RIGG (what was I thinking?)!

Anyway, guillom, I think the attraction behind the big belt buckle on Uma Thurman’s Emma Peel is that it sags A LOT, and doesn’t actually hug that tightly around the waist (more decorative than anything else), but having it lowered also will accentuate her hips, which I assume will be curvaceous? BTW, is the belt separate geometry? If not, then forget what I wrote, but if so, slant the belt! Making it uneven would definitely give her more of a personality. Great work thus far!


Hi, this is looking great so far! Really nice silhouette like others stated, maybe add more definition to the arms though.


Its the Danger Girl model again :slight_smile:


Mm… Nice. Did the outfit and the overall look, especially that hair. I hope you rig that for extra “throwing the hair back”-ness :wink:


Sweet modelling Guillom!..I like the cunning use of loops around the elbows, should deform well, really nice legs on her aswell…You planning on bringing her into ZB? I think all that leather would benefit from it…looking forward to how this progresses :thumbsup:


Looks really good, but the arms look somewhat cylindrical.


Coming along :smiley:

I think her chin may be a bit too large/round to give that sleek, sexy spy girl look, though.


thx all :slight_smile: like your ideas/advices

Johnwoo : though i do normal map at work all days long I definately think of putting her in ZB

I’ve tried to put some colors but i’m not 100 % satisfyied , i think zb could help to have good shapes …but very soft details !


Nice clean model. I like the character lots.

One crit- the forearms seem a bit thin 'n flimsy.

Loof forward to seeing her textured :slight_smile:


hi !

I’ve made some test with ZB but i’m not satisfyied at all so i prefer continuing on that texture more “painty”

I will check the forearms, well noticed Gary !


Texture looks good so far. Nice and soft. Kind of glows.

I need to do some purely hand painted work again…


Looking ace so far. Nice to see you straying from your usual cartoony path. Cartoony is good, but you have to try everything. Good geometry and textures so far - keep it up!


I’m really digging the face/ The texture quality on the face is excellent, particularly the lips. Keep it up!


i think she looks great, especially with those blue shades… those are sweet
texturing is beautifully done
can’t wait for the updates


That texture is top-notch.

Excellent job!


Thanks all of you, very motivating… :thumbsup:

first test on hair

Don’t know yet for the color ( just a test :slight_smile: