Classic interior + details, Marcin Jastrzebski (3D)


beautifull work!


Truly stunning,

breaches photorealism.

Could easily see win an award.


This is great. I know fryrender can do this and it’s you who did it. I want to say the reflected light casted on to the wall at the back is too strong. But since the render is physically correct, I think I’m wrong. The statues look perfect. Are they 3d-scanned models? The only imperfection seems to be on the curtains and the table cloth. The wrinkles don’t look right. Are they simulated cloth or not?


amazing work with great details.keep up the great work.


Thanks all!
Daimondo - I’m thinking about making off
ramonesFAN - yes, right, I like details too :slight_smile:
HapZungLam - thanks, a chromatic aberration effect was done in fryrender and little in photoshop CS5. Every glow, light dispersions and bloom effects it’s fryrender effects.
fantasizer - thank you. I bought models from evermotion, and turbosquid. I think the statue model it’s scan 3D or Poser base model. I was bought curtains model from turbosquid.


really nice piece of interior architecture design rendering. :thumbsup:


Stunning! No words other than…


I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve seen such accurate lighting and rendering. You should be extremely proud of this accomplishment.

What were the rendering times?




Very nice work!


Incredible detail!!! Great work!


Very photorealistic. Nice lighting. :buttrock:


Wow. The attention to lighting is simply bringing this master piece into photo realistic content. I figured some of the models would have been taken from another site, there seems to be a lot of effort put into all of this to be 100% done by a single individual. Even the close ups are photo realistic…


Fantastic! i like it


Great man .I love this work.Bbest Regards:applause:


beatiful work !!:applause::applause:


Nice work!

Can you share your system specs and render times?


very very nice render and modeling… congrats!


Excellent work!
I know that is difficult to achieve absence of noise.
What is the time cunningly on render?
What capacity of the computer?


excelent work, many hours in production of details, congratulations, very well ps.


These are all very photographic. I think that one the first image however, that the warmth you created with the lighting in the background would look great if you were to have carried it more in to the foreground. I feel like it puts me a bit too far back and out of the image, like I’m standing over in the cold side of the room.



really you are amazing , Great :slight_smile:

cinema 4d is the best :bowdown: