Classic interior + details, Marcin Jastrzebski (3D)


Title: Classic interior + details
Name: Marcin Jastrzebski
Country: Poland
Software: CINEMA 4D, Fryrender, Modo, Photoshop


Here is my latest interior in classic style. Additional effects like bokeh, DOF, glare, bloom and others are fryrender effects. Every render was also finished with little postproduction in photoshop. Thanks for viewing.
model: Modo, scene setup: Cinema 4D + Fryrender
few furniture models are taken from evermotion archmodels, and turbosquid.

Best regards


Marvelous render! love the closeups. Curtain folds looks kind of strange, doesn’t feel like cloth, more like plastic, needs more organic/ natural folds.


looking is very good & i like it the render

keep on & good luck :buttrock:


Oh man… Ace dude, it’s really claquing sa grand-mère !!!



woa man!! that’s some kickass stuff!!
keep it up!! :beer:


Thanks very much for first comments !


Really good modelling…especially on details :buttrock:


If I didn’t knew better this would pass as a photo. Great job.:buttrock:


Great work,… good models, excellent lighting.


Great render, modeling and lightning… 10/10


Wow! This piece is incredible…I am in envy of your attention to detail. I love the little sculptures you put on the fireplace mantle. Great job!


Great rendering! Love the camera angles and DoF on the closeups.

Good Job :slight_smile:


Wow looks phantastic. Great lighting and amazing details.
Keep it up!

CHeers Silverwing


Thanks for all for really good comments!


beautifull render :thumbsup: i like especially materials


Insanely good! Must have put some serious time into making this.


Beautiful interior.
As always, details give to the scene a totally photorealistic mood.

I’ve only to agree with the comments about courtains, their modeling made them looking a bit “plastic”.

Anyway you did an awesome job.



Wow!! Its gorgeous interior and rendering!
Crops are masterpieces!


WOW!! Simply breathtaking! I have no words for this. Absolutely perfect, congrats! Front page for SURE! :slight_smile:


Is this really CG?

I see chromatic aberration. Is there a shader that does it? It is what makeing it real.