Classic Beauty Classic Girl, Xiaodong Li (3D)


Title: Classic Beauty Classic Girl
Name: Xiaodong Li
Country: China
Software: BodyPaint, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Here is my latest job!
I tried to create a realistic beauty,but it’s hard work!
I hope you’ll like it!
The base mesh :by Zbrush;
Retopo:by maya Nex;
High Mesh:by Zbush;
Render:Maya MR SSS;
Light:Spot light and Drection light(no HDRI no FG);


Classic Beauty !

hope you’ll like it!


Very nice work, although for a classical beauty, the eyebrows may be a bit large.


great work
Audrey Hepburn!!!


Audrey Hepburn was just utter class, so great work emulating her! Only the texturing needs work, but that’s all …^^’’


thanks for your suggestion InKraBid Eshta and JustinPunio!
Here is the notes net for your!


Very nicely done. I thought the textures looked really good too. The eyebrows do seem a little heavy, even for that time period. It might just be that they are so dark they really jump out at the viewer. Keep up the great work!


Pretty pretty nice man!!


Excellent work and a great likeness. I also reckon the eyebrows need changing, just make them a little thinner. Apart from this everything is just great.


what a beautiful eyes!excellent job mate.I love it.



Thanks guys!
Here is my simple diamond shader for your.
hope you’ll like it!


Excellent, just brilliant, i like the shades .




Amazing work.
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Thanks to all suggestions from you.
I did changed the eyebrows.
hope you’ll like it.
But i did not know how to replace the original pictures.
who can tell me??


thanks for sharing the shaders, yes she is classy


nice work~master Li~;)


老师把眉毛改改吧, 太雷人了,


o(︶︿︶)o 看了下原图, 果然就是这个眉毛,

角度跟原图差点,左右肩膀的位置变了, 气质大减


Everything are perfect. I like the skin shader and the face!! Lightning is also good. Keep working!