Cixi in The Shell, Philippe Kara (2D)


Title: Cixi in The Shell
Name: Philippe Kara
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

Some people here maybe knows the famous french comics LANFEUST. This is one of the most famous french heroic fantasy comics since many years.
To celebrate this comics series, my publisher (SOLEIL) asked me to participate to a art book with several others authors. The subject was to make a tribute, a fan art, about the universe of this comics.
The last volumes of Lanfeust are in a scence fiction atmosphere. So I decided to take one of the female character of the comics (Cixi) and put her on a cyber punk universe like Ghost in The Shell !

This illustration is the final result.
Traditionnal drawing and computer colors for the characters, and 3D for the background.

Okay, the concept is a little weird, but, hey, just say it’s a part of my french humor, right ? ^0^


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