City's Heart, Nicolas Richelet (3D)


Title: City’s Heart
Name: Nicolas Richelet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

I made this image for the a contest on [URL=], called
This image was ranked 3rd.
We must have used only predefined primatives to model an architectural scene :

Rules extract :

  1. You must use all of the shapes and primitives provided in your scene
  2. You can can not modify the geometry of the provided shapes in any
    way, EXCEPT to uniformly scale them up or down in size or to add small
    fillets/chamfers to catch the light on the edges… If you do scale
    them the original proportions must be maintained.
  3. You can re-use the shapes in the scene as many times as you like
    and they do not all have to be the same scale.

    Thanks for the comments.


It’s simply amazing

5stars !


wow very nice piece of architecture and only with those shapes.

Great work!!


Peace of a d*** good job. How long did you work on it?


It looks real, that’s a fantastic job, the mood is really good!


nice work u got there really nice. i love that building in the middle


Thanks guys.

I made a mistake with the wire link.
Here it is :


great archviz - very monumental object. amazing realism

too bad that we cannot loggin with the cgtalk account. would have loved to look at the others


All the competitors had 12 days to make an image. I worked each evening and week end, so I think i put 50-60 Hours on this one.


superbe images comme dab !!!:thumbsup:


Wow, very nice! I love the limited palette and the really wide camera angle.


great work!Really inspireing!


Awesome design. I can’t help but wonder how the angles of the exterior glass would work with the interior spaces, but it’s a really cool shape for a building.

I admire the detail that went into this, the concept, and the results.

…and hope that my 3D efforts will result in this kind of feedback someday.


amazing that it’s entirely made with primitives…what an AWESOME restrictions for a competion, or even for teachers to give students as a project. Amazing work, especially the composition


im curious what the other entries looked like, especially the first place & second place entries. i mean, your is just amazing and i cant think of another entry that would be more superior.


hi man this is the best architecturel pic I’ve seen this year.
Man and only primitives too, very well done.
5 stars from me ace buddy:thumbsup:


Lol, Firefox messed up and only the second pic in your first post loaded in… I was like; ‘what the hell is everyone going on about…does it have some deeper, impressionist meaning?’

Nice work though man, (after I’d hit F5) :slight_smile:


very nice work, well done. :slight_smile:


50-60 hours of gloryworlds! Fantastic! Perhaps I’m not looking but which primitive did you work with to provide us with the towerific glass pillar of awesome, what?

Thanks for the render!


Looks extremely nice… reminds me of Appleseed … the new movie :wink:
Love the reflections, but above all i love the perspective, and all the little characters… amazing work. Love to be able to do stuff like that :smiley: