CityGen2 Wip


Paul has given me permission to say a few things about it
for thoes who havent seen, check out this thread

were paul mentions it.
CityGen2 is completly different to v1 but as its in early Development
theres not a lot that i can say about.

it is based on the real world and will make setting up general citys very fast and easy.
more will come so stay tuned.


wooww !! nice improvements…

I’ll sit and wait :smiley:


Sweet! Looks nice.


Please sign me up for any news! Wow!


Hell yes!!!


looks great so far. if u need inspiration take a look at this…i was blown away first time i saw this :slight_smile:


It’s an awesome new toolset, I’ve been lucky enough to have a play with various components and this is going to be an absolute must for anyone needing quick and realistic results for visualizations, mattes, even arch viz backgrounds. Not just that but also for anyone needing to work with realworld terrains and and visualizations in a hurry.


Looks amazing, i’m very much looking forward to the finished thing.


excellent, great work from Paul!

thanks a lot for continuing this great plugin:-)


Seems Sebastian Rath’s sample of this map…it’s py4d app/plugin?


This looks great. Thanks for doing this Paul, if you’re reading.

And now comments from the peanut gallery :slight_smile: : would be cool if there were a simple surface greebling feature in there too. We used to have the plugin “Structure” years ago that was great in a pinch for adding surface detail. But I’ll take entire cities over detail any day.


Very cool!


I second that Joel, excellent idea. Hopefully it’s easy enough to implement a greebling function. Seems like a natural.


Looking great. Is there a link or sign up to follow development?

Will there be a release soon, summer, fall?



Cool, I’ve done this the hard way more times than I care to count, this will be very useful.

I wonder why the blocks all seem to be subdivided so heavily though, it looks like there’s a lot of unnecessary polys in there? Especially the centre of town, looks quite heavy, is that for windows?

Cheers! C


Wow, it looks fantastic I can’t wait! Thanks for continuing the plugin.



Great news. Looking forward this update. :slight_smile:


the subdivisions based on floor count per building and youll have control over that.



Look great Mike…

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


Wow, Paul lives! :scream: