City Street


I am still fairly new to painting digitally so bare with me.

I have read up on some tutorials on how to use perspective propely , this is my progress so far

as i told you all ready , im not very good so this took me around 1 hour lol


ahhh, don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s really pretty good. Nice feel to it.

In the background, are those tall buildings or large flat panels? If they are buildings then you would see a side on any that are not dead center of the image.

The point of view (based on the size of the people) seems a little low but hey, maybe were looking through the eyes of a cyber-rat :slight_smile:

Good job! Tighten her up some, I’d love to see some detail


Thanks for the great comment , i tried the sides on the building but ound it looke weird, so i have to work on it some more


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