City Ruins, Natiq Aghayev (2D)


Dude, I’m this close the shedding a tear!
I’m also a die hard fallout fan… Its the best atmosphere in a game i’ve EVER experienced and all I want to do with my life is be part of the creation of a sequel.

back to YOU, of course :slight_smile:
Kick ass work, really. I’m totally taken by it, you’ve captured the world excellently - that billboard in the foreground is classical… agh… Fallout…

Right on man, right on!


Honestly, I used to live for Fallout.

I’d show every person I know the intro to it. Great frickin’ game. It has definitely shaped my artistic style, almost as much as Road Warrior and ass-less chaps…


I like the atmosphere and the idea.
Awesome picture.


Hey mate…realy all si ok…details…colors…composition…realy i`m impressed of your work…congrats.

Yakhchi gozal shey chahdin ay gardash…chokh band oldoom siz ishi…boo tarhi goydom bagrandimi(my background)…iftikhar san…azerbayjan iftikhari san…yorolmasan:thumbsup:


stunning detail!very nice ambience.:thumbsup:


Gee man…, photoshop masterpiece ! :bounce:

Congratulations really !

This one rocked !

Take care, keep going, see ya


PLEEEAAASE GOD!!! just one thing!!! u know what im talking about! FALLOUT 3 pleeeez :(( if something like this would be added to F3 I’d just buy the game and look at it :((


wowwwowowowo :cry: :cry: :cry: 5 stars:buttrock:


nuclear powaa:thumbsup: very good composition and nice colors


Wicked scene man! :buttrock:

Totally awesome details, simply cool matte painting…

from me no doubt! :applause:


wow, this is very good painting. so much detail and still very falloutesque (if there is such a word :P). nuka-cola sign is nice touch.

i think almost a year has passed since i played fallout - time to play it again. even more so if you look at the lack of decent new games out there.


Good job…Your work is similar to the my gso work :slight_smile: nice colors and good atmoshpere


Just amazing…


amazing picture , dude gr8 work but just try this one out, block out the top left corner of the image and it just looks better, the blending of the sky and fg elements is the only thing that dont gel in here , gr8 work dude


Wow! I also love the post-apocalyptic look: Fallout was one of the best games ever made! This image suits the theme perfectly- Love it!


Wow, its good too see the number of fallout inspired art rising!
The image is great, but i have to admit that i dont really like the atmosphere. The color and the amount of detail i think, make the image really dynamic and somehow alive so it doesn’t seem like its really abandoned and dead as it should be.
I’m no expert, this is just my opinion as a humble observer :slight_smile:


Really Good stuff, congrats!

only critz I got is about the sun and tornado. Sun seems way too brigt, too strong, should create some more intense contrast in the whole picture and defenitely have some influence on the tornado, but there doesn’t seem to be any highlights, glowing, transparency, on it. But mostly, it seriously lacks of wind in your picture, no flying debris, dust, etc… Feels like it doesn’t belong there.

For the rest, very nice painting, great detailing, bliboard is cool, damaged vehicles, building, nice touch!





Very nice work, I love it. :slight_smile:
Only crit is the part with the sun already mentioned.


Whoah!!! This is definitely the most detailed destruction artpiece I’ve ever seen!!! Great job on the lighting and the toning. I just love the way u deal with the broken and fallen buildings. Superb!


this is a very nice piece. i totally love it. i also like the whole “end of the world”, " destruction of the world" theme. i think it’s really cool.

the only crit i’ll give for this one is the tornado. i think there should be a clout of debree where it’s touching the ground. and the way it’s conneced to the sky is pretty weired, it looks like it was just pasted into the pic.

the rest is super awesome.

keep it up. your work rocks!!