City Ruins, Natiq Aghayev (2D)


Title: City Ruins
Name: Natiq Aghayev
Country: Azerbaijan
Software: Photoshop

This is the concept I’ve been thinking about for a very long time really. But for various reasons only now I was able to quench my “Need For Fallout” thirst :wink: Yes, I’m a huge fan of Fallout game and hence all of that post apocalyptic, you know, post nuclear stuff, which is extremely dear to my heart. So I thought it might be a good idea to draw something interesting that would express my love and passion for the sacred Title’s philosophy :slight_smile: I’ve been working on this for about 3 weeks (mostly erazing and correcting what was drawn previously) recalling good ol’ times double clicking on fallout.exe and once again understanding that "war… war never changes…"©
>> Hi resolution image <<


WOWgreat workkkk~very nice painting of the scene~and I love the colours with lighting:bounce: :bounce: ****4starssssss~~

PS:I hope this scene don’t appeared in our life~~and we must resist battle~aaaa


VERY GOOD JOB it makes me cry… :(( i am a fallout fan myself but this is outrageous ! i pray to god that this will be used in the next game of the series. VERY NICELY DONE the scene reminds me of all the aspects of that game


Defonten, this is really SOMETHING!
You’ve done great job here.
Composition, perspective, lighting, details - all’s perfect!
It looks very realistic.

5 stars from me!


Freaking a-w-e-s-o-m-e! Such amazing detail and great atmosphere. the only thing is the smoke looks a little to uniform and perfectly shaped to me - but I am just amazed. Wonderful stuff.


This is amazing… Fantastic details, good composition, colors and lighting.


Holy crap! :eek: Now there’s a piece that’s just screaming for a tutorial. :love:

This deserves nothing less than a 5 star rating. Fantastic stuff! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


fantastik! :bowdown:


Great work man;)


great wow nice postapocalyptic atmosphere


Thanks! I am extremely glad you like it!

minminxu - Thank you! Yes, you’re right. Painting such scenes is much more fun than actually umm… seeing it in real life :wink:

Anarki3000 - Thanks man! That’s exactly what I was thinking about during the work process - to draw something I’d be happy to see in F3 myself :slight_smile: Just imagine this scene as a part of F3 location! Wouldn’t it be fun to explore? Cheers :wink:

BlackBastet - Spasibki! Thank you very very much! I’m really glad you like it!

Elsie - Aw, thanks! Cuz’ the last week it was all just about adding details and erazing multiplied by x100 :slight_smile: Thanks!

Chiaotzu - Thank you!

Kapow - Thank you very much! Thanks for such pleasant comments but I think there’s nothing too special and interesting to write a tutorial on :slight_smile: I’m using Photoshop CS2 which I love for it’s painting tools and rich opportunities for working on photo footage. Initial sketch was done in a couple of hours (always trying to keep sketching no longer than one’an’half or two hours). Using most of the time Standard Chalky brush set to 100% opacity jitter. Tablet: wacom intous 3. For 3d elements of this scene I used Softimage|XSI 5.0.

Pletter, Ahmed Hosny, Tomas Slobodnik - Thanks a lot guys! I appreciate Your attention and comments!


To avoid redundancy I’ll just say ditto to all!! I would not have the patients for this kind of thing. Magnificent job! :applause:


oO let me just stare a while!
This picture is just amazing! There are so many details and the tornado comes out great at the background.
Thats another example for painting detailed is also a great way to show realism.


I think you just made my wallpaper.


Great idea! :)) I like the billboard on the right :slight_smile: Although after a nuclear war there wouldn’t be so much left in the city probably…


jullenar - Thanx! Well It was really fun to work on these details. Even more I just couldn’t seem to stop myself from further detaling but it had to end somewhere so I said to myself: “Okay man, if you don’t want to be permanently banned on CGtalk for extreme overboring people with unneded stuff that is hardly seen - you have to stop now…” :wink: Thanks -)

Imo - Whoa thanks! I appreciate your comments and attention! Of course details are great way to show things in a more convincing way. And that was one of my main goals in this composition. Thanks!!

Silencer von NMA - I’m extremely glad that “No Mutants Allowed” resource’s admin is also here :slight_smile: You have just made my day also :wink:

Katea - Thanks! Concerning what might be left and what’s not… well I’ll citate phrase from Fallout 2’s video intro: “Build the world you were dreaming of… Results may vary…” :wink: Thank you!


wowit’s unbelievable fantastic work!
how did you do that detail


totally awesome, this should defiantly be on the front page. :smiley: Great job.


Hey, that`s awersome, amazing and GREAT! 5*****, becasue it is maximum rating :bowdown:


This picture has very Fallout-ish feel to it…tell me, did you hide PipBoy/VaultBoy in there somewhere? :wink: