City of Cod


I’ve always wanted to do a floating fish city and the Jacke Yerka contest provided the perfect excuse. Modeled and rendered in Maya and painted over in Photoshop.


Sorry should read Jacek Yerka…late night typo.


Great! Very nice image overall. Suttle lighting and colors, no superfluous details. I’ve seen alot of forestland blending with sky and/or water with fishes and cities in this competition (even did it myself, so representattive of the style…) But I really like this one. I find the rendering of all parts of the picture evenly done (no weaker spot) or is it the composition? Anyway, great final result. Congrats.!


Very strong entry! Good luck!


I like the mood here. the imagery might be a little typical but it feels nice to look at it. makes me wonder what it would be like if you could speed up a sunset. Would the darkness be so thick?


Excellent job, but not a dream i would want to sleep into.:cool:


Your image is beautiful, it`s one of my favourite,good luck !


Very nice work!
Good luck


I think you n me should get the prize for the cheesiest puns in the title of their pics!! :wink:


Missed this first time round. Great job and well done on your HM


Congratulations on recognition for a beautiful work of art!




lovely! what a beautiful image! Well done :slight_smile:


Beautiful and magical! Congratulations Darin!


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