City life. Underwater city, Andrey Koval (2D)


Title: City life. Underwater city
Name: Andrey Koval
Country: Ukraine
Software: Photoshop

Second illustration from “City life” series. Fictious city under the sea. Be continued.
This image was drawn with a pencil and digitized with Photoshop. Thank you :slight_smile:


Beautiful work! I like it :slight_smile:


made me smile instantly :smiley: good job :wink:


you did it again. lovely :slight_smile:


I love your style. Cartoony yet very efficient. Your lines are clean and precise. Reminds me of Herge. Tintin would be proud.
Great job!


cool style! looks great, funny and original, what more do you want? :slight_smile: keep rockin’


ooops, i did it again :slight_smile:


ah! this is quite fun!
this blue variation by the water is very pleasing to see

congrats, Andrey!


Awesome illustration!!! Love the style and content.


Scientific nice piece. Really lovely work.

Good luck:


I like this works! I like Spongebob!:thumbsup:


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